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Below is a standard practice for our team members and applies to all services. 
  • All team members will be in good health.
  • Any symptomatic team member will not be allowed to work.
  • Temperature readings will be taken on-site to ensure their readings are below 99 degrees.
  • All team members are required to have masks on during the event.
  • Hand sanitizers and disposable gloves will be made available to all of our team members.
Set up

Our photographers usually have minimal amount of equipment to set up. They can prepare their equipment away from other vendors, guests, or clients. 

During the event

Photography can be done while maintaining 6 foot distance from anyone. The capability of the camera and its lens allows for the photographer to maintain at least 6 foot distance. Photographer will keep their masks on at all times. 

After the event

Digital copies of all the photos taken will be sent via email. Any tables, chairs, or any other equipment used by the photographer will be sanitized before leaving.